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Ergonomically designed & manufactured from sturdy ABS plastic tray and arm rests, steel supports and soft cushion surface cover, the PK-800 Desk Extender & Arm Rest is your ergonomic choice for increasing cramped desk space, improving extended computer use posture and reducing cramps, pain and injury from long-term computer use.

Keep your arms, wrists and hands in the most natural posture by supporting your forearms and wrists in the convenient rotating curved arm rests, while resting your hands and mouse on the soft, cushioned tray.

Or - for extended periods of typing - place your fore arms on the cushioned tray for the most comfortable and relaxing keyboard experience. This totally relaxes the arm and shoulder muscles, reducing pain, cramps and injury from very long-term keyboard or mouse use.

Ergonomically designed products to make your life BETTER

Product Features:
Constructed from sturdy steel and ABS plastic, the PK-800 Ergonomic Desk Extender is sturdy, durable and can withstand downward pressure of up to 15k loads.
The unique design allows the user to rest arms or wrists while using the keyboard or mouse for extended periods. While the soft, cushioned tray is easily clamped onto the work surface, the rotating arms freely swivel and rotate while in use with the natural body movement, resuting in a superbly comfortable and relaxing experience.

The arm rests can swivel from side to side by 180 degrees, while the soft, cushioned cups rotate at 360 degrees for super comfort.
  • Durable steel & ABS
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Fits wide range of surfaces
  • Securely clamps onto work surface
  • Comfortable rotates & swivels
  • Easily assembles in minutes
  • Soft, cushioned work surface
  • Reduces fatigue, cramps and injury
  • Increases comfort and relaxation
  • Conveniently frees up desk space
  • Keeps hands in natural position
  • Attractive retail-ready color box
  • Clear & informative instruction sheet

Packing & Shipping Information:
The PK-800 Ergonomic Desk Extender is one of our top-selling items, used and enjoyed in our own office. 

Product Code: 
  •  PK-800  
  • Steel & ABS Plastic
Retail Packing: 
  • Color Display Box  
  • 187 x 230 x 58mm  
Shipping Carton: 
  • 20 pcs per box  
  • 73.6*24.1*20.8 cm  
  • 1.303 cuft  
  • 12.4kg NW / 15.4kg GW  
Set Contents: 
  • 1 x ABS Desk Tray
  • 2 x Steel Attachment Unit  
  • 2 x ABS Arm Rest Cups
  • 2 x Soft Arm Rest Cushions
  • 1 x Screw Set
  • 1 x Instruction Manual 
  • US Patent  
  • Product information (pdf file) 
  • Instruction manual (pdf file) 
  • Retail color box 
  • Frequently asked questions 
  • Online usage directions

Sales Inquiries:
For sales inquiries, please email us at r5168@ms81.hinet.net with your detailed requirements. For frequently asked questions, please see below:

What is the minimum order? 
  • We accept small orders as low as one case (20pcs) per order. 
Are volume discounts available? 
  • Yes, our sales representative will provide detailed price quotations based on projected order volume. 
What are the terms of your warranty? 
  • We offer a standard warranty against manufacturing defects and will replace any such defective items found within 7 days of customer receipt.  
Do you provide free samples? 
  • Unfortunately due to the high costs of manufacturing and shipping, we are unable to offer free samples, but will work with the customer to find the most economical shipping solution. 
How fast can you ship? 
  • Depending on current stock and order quantity, we are able to ship your order within one week to 45 days. Please check with our sales representative for current status. 
What payment options and terms do you offer? 
  • We accept bank wire transfer, paypal or Western Union.  
  • For orders under US$3,000 we require payment in full with the order. 
  • For all orders shipping in under 10 days, we require payment in full with the order. 
  • For other orders, our terms are 50% payment with order and balance before shipment. 
Where are the products shipped from? 
  • From our factory and warehouse in Tainan, Taiwan. 
  • For all air shipments, we quote FOB Tainan airport. 
  • For all sea shipment, we quote FOB Kaohsiung sea port. 
Do you offer dropshipping service? 
  • We can ship orders directly to your customers according to above terms.

05/01/2016 NEW DIVISION
Introducing a brand-new Division which will focus on revolutionary and effective patented and patent-pending technology in the field of sports equipment, accessories and physical therapy. 
The SportKing division will launch it's first product on May 1, 2016 worldwide - the SportKing Deluxe Massage Stick, billed as the ultimate tool in deep-pressure myofascial release therapy. 
05/01/2016 NEW WEBSITE
For the convenience of our world-wide customers, our brand-new website will be going online on May 1, 2016.

With this updated and user-friendly site, we hope to further enhance our professional customer service policy and dedication to customer service.