Horng Sheng Lih Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)  

Company Profile

Three Decades of Experience 

Horng Sheng Lih Co. Ltd. was established in October 1987 as a developer of ergonomic computer peripheral products for the local and international market. Committed to product innovation and Smart Product development, from our humble beginnings in the 80's, we have been awarded numerous local and US patents over the years for a variety of products aimed at making extended computer use a less painful and more comfortable experience. 

100% Taiwanese Dedication to Quality
Our products are fully designed, manufactured and assembled in Taiwan with an emphasis on supporting local industry and approved local vendors. Quality Control procedures are considered unequaled due to our sincere commitment to providing the best products at all costs. Each and every shipment is personally inspected for defects and even minor issues by our CEO before release.
Internationally Aclaimed Brands
Our main brand, Sagittary encompasses all manufacturing and trading activities of our company. Sagittary is divided into 2 main subdivisions: 
Since 1987, the Space King brand of ergonomic computer peripherals have been considered - by distributors and consumers alike - to be unequaled in prevention of injuries and discomfort caused by extensive use of computers at the office, in the home or school. With our extensive line of accessories for the perfect work station, we have proven to be a leader in the design of Ergonomic Products to Make Your Life Better. 
Ergonomically designed & manufactured, Space King products are durable, easily adjustable, and attaches conveniently to a desk or armrest for ease of use. By keeping the hands in a natural position, they help to relax the arm and shoulder muscles, with a healthier body posture preventing wrist pain. 
In May 2016 we released the ultimate tool in Myofascial Release Therapy: the SportKing Deluxe Massage Stick. The deep pressure self-myofascial release tool promotes circulation across the body, improves flexibility, and decreases the risk of cramps during and after exercise to reduce soreness, enhancing the recovery process that is needed to build new cells. The SportKing brand also heralds the formation of an all new division aimed at developing unique and health conscious products for the sporting industry. 

OEM / ODM / Custom Packaging 
Apart from our dedication to our own established trademarks and brands, we are equally pleased to assist customers with their own branding and manufacturing requirements. 
OEM / Private Labelling / Custom Packaging: Our company is fully understanding of customer needs and requirements, and as such will work with esteemed clients to build their own brands, no matter how big or small. We have extensive experience in providing customer-branded products all over the world from Japan to the USA. 
ODM / Customer Designed Products: Do you have a product idea? Do you own a patent for a unique product? Do you require a reputable and sincere manufacturer to bring your concept to fruition? We can provide the most professional and economical manufacturing infrastructure to enable you to get your product to the market, and fast. 
In short, Horng Sheng Lih is your best and only choice for computer peripheral manufacturing in Taiwan. 
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05/01/2016 NEW DIVISION
Introducing a brand-new Division which will focus on revolutionary and effective patented and patent-pending technology in the field of sports equipment, accessories and physical therapy. 
The SportKing division will launch it's first product on May 1, 2016 worldwide - the SportKing Deluxe Massage Stick, billed as the ultimate tool in deep-pressure myofascial release therapy. 
05/01/2016 NEW WEBSITE
For the convenience of our world-wide customers, our brand-new website will be going online on May 1, 2016.

With this updated and user-friendly site, we hope to further enhance our professional customer service policy and dedication to customer service.