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SK-101 / SK-102 Deluxe Massage Stick FAQ
How often can I use the SportKing Deluxe Massage Stick?
  • We recommend that the product is used daily whenever needed, but for best results not exceeding 4 to 5 times a day.
How long should I massage each muscle area?
  • For best results, 10 to 20 short, firm strokes over each area.
Can I use the product if I have an open wound or other injury?
  • The massage stick should not be used over any open wound or internal muscle or bone injury.
Does using the product cause discomfort or pain?
  • Due to the very nature of deep tissue massage, some discomfort can occur when applying firm pressure over certain areas. However, the amount of pressure applied depends entirely on the user.
Are these sticks flexible?
  • No, these are totally rigid massage sticks constructed of a combination steel/aluminum rod and hard plastic handles, so designed to facilitate a very deep-tissue massage.

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What is the minimum order?
  • We accept small orders as low as one case (20pcs) per order.
Are volume discounts available?
  • Yes, our sales representative will provide detailed price quotations based on projected order volume.
What are the terms of your warranty?
  • We offer a standard warranty against manufacturing defects and will replace any such defective items found within 7 days of customer receipt. 
Do you provide free samples?
  • Unfortunately due to the high costs of manufacturing and shipping, we are unable to offer free samples, but will work with the customer to find the most economical shipping solution.
How fast can you ship?
  • Depending on current stock and order quantity, we are able to ship your order within one week to 30 days. Please check with our sales representative for current status.
What payment options and terms do you offer?
  • We accept bank wire transfer, paypal or Western Union. 
  • For orders under US$3,000 we require payment in full with the order.
  • For all orders shipping in under 10 days, we require payment in full with the order.
  • For other orders, our terms are 50% payment with order and balance before shipment.
Where are the products shipped from?
  • From our factory and warehouse in Tainan, Taiwan.
  • For all air shipments, we quote FOB Tainan airport.
  • For all sea shipment, we quote FOB Kaohsiung sea port.
Do you offer dropshipping service?
  • We can ship orders directly to your customers according to above terms.
Product Information

The Sagittary SportKing Deluxe Massage Stick comes in two handy sizes. Check with our sales representative for more details.

Product Code:
  • SK-101 (65cm) 
  • SK-102 (50cm) 
  • Steel & Aluminum Alloy Rod 
  • ABS Plastic Handles 
Retail Packing:
  • Color Display Box 
  • 660 x 40 x 40mm 
SK-101 Shipping Carton:
  • 20 pcs per box 
  • 73.6*24.1*20.8 cm 
  • 1.303 cuft 
  • 12.1kg NW / 14.1kg GW 
SK-102 Shipping Carton:
  • 20 pcs per box 
  • 73.6*24.1*20.8 cm 
  • 1.303 cuft 
  • 9.5kg NW / 11.5kg GW 
Set Contents:
  • 1 x Massage Stick 
  • 1 x Nylon Carry Bag 
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Product News

Introducing a brand-new Division which will focus on revolutionary and effective patented and patent-pending technology in the field of sports equipment, accessories and physical therapy. 
The SportKing division will launch it's first product on May 1, 2016 worldwide - the SportKing Deluxe Massage Stick, billed as the ultimate tool in deep-pressure myofascial release therapy. 

For the convenience of our world-wide customers, our brand-new website will be going online on May 1, 2016.

With this updated and user-friendly site, we hope to further enhance our professional customer service policy and dedication to customer service.